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Suzannah Safi

Graphic Designer

I am so glad that I chose Suzannah Safi to design the covers for my ebook and print titles for my debut novel, Scent of Sorrow. Suzannah is a professional in all senses of the word. She not only does what she has been contracted to do, but goes way beyond what most "professionals" do. She works on a design until the customer is satisfied, no matter how many revisions that might take. Her goal is customer satisfaction, which you don't see too much of these days. Suzannah went through several, several mockups and revisions of my covers, always with a good attitude and never complaining about the nitpicky details I asked her to revise. And I never had to worry that she would not finish the work. Even though she only asks for partial payment to begin a project, I never had any doubt that she would finish the project--no matter how frustrating it might become. She is humble, customer-oriented and completely trustworthy. She works fast (I had the first draft of a design in my inbox within 24 hours of having contracted Suzannah). Other revisions followed within a few days. Suzannah is terrific. I hope to be using her as my designer for many years to come. I am proud to put her name on my book. Check out my link to see what the final version of my ebook cover looks like. It's beautiful. Author Susan Nadathur


"Suzannah Safi is an extremely talented graphic designer.  I have greatly appreciated her attributes of creativity and collaboration.  In working with her, Suzannah has designed two book covers, two book trailers and has also formatted my novel to meet and even exceed the established requirements.  Experienced and hard working for her customers, she consistently meets all time lines that are mutually agreed upon and guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction.

Suzannah is very easy to work with as her goal is to produce the highest quality work for her customers. Readers of my two medical mystery thrillers have commented about the outstanding book covers and trailers that she has produced. I highly endorse the work of Suzannah Safi---she epitomizes professionalism at the highest level--and I enthusiastically recommend her without any reservations."
Author Michael Rushnak


“I’m a writer, but I have to say that I don’t think I could properly put into words how much I enjoyed working with Suzannah Safi. Suzannah, did the cover art for my first novel ENCHANTMENT and I was absolutely tickled pink when I first opened that file. I had no idea what to expect. I wondered if she’d “get it”. Would she understand what my novel was about then accurately come up with a cover to reflect that? Well...she knocked my socks off! I actually had tears in my eyes-I was so happy.

Suzannah is very professional and she answered all my questions in a timely manner. She was even gracious enough to make some minor revision when I asked. I’m thrilled to work with her and can’t wait for her to do my next cover!”
Author Lawna Mackie

You designed the cover of my book, Desperate Measures, for eTreaures. Since the book has been posted on the web-site, I have been bombarded with comments about the cover. Everyone loves it and wants to know whose eyes those are!! Thank you so much! 
Author Cindy Cromer

"I worried about what kind of cover I'd get for 'Missing, Assumed Dead.' After all, I hadn't really given much of a clue in my cover art description file. Suzannah Safi worked like the pro she is, taking my muddled thoughts, pitching some great ideas, me throwing some back, and, together, we ended up with a smashing cover for the book. I was very pleased with the experience and the end result."

Author Marva Dasef 

Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Who is the Designer


I am a professional graphic designer graduated in 2014 from 'The Art Institute of Pittsburgh' online division.  A successful designer in my opinion has imagination, passion, and for sure, state of the art software that helps creativity to bloom and adds to one skills. I don’t like to limit my skills to certain market, my skills and knowledge cover any design and style for any market.  I create book trailers, book covers, and promotional materials for authors, businesses, and more than five publishing houses. I work with my clients to boost their promotion products with high quality and affordable rates. No matter what is the project, I will create quality production. My experience in graphic design since 2004 shows the many designs I accomplished throughout the years. Every design varies in its idea and creation; I use the best software and my creativity to create a variety of artistic ideas for my clients to suites their needs. I provide excellent client service, as I understand clients, how to mold and modify any design to suit their needs and still implement my idea of the design. My clients are treated with respect, and I listen to their ideas with the flexibility to accommodate them with my designs. Whether my clients are looking for a video production, video edits, or promotional materials print and digital. Creativity and passion are few keys to a successful designer and at SuzieDesign my clients are at the right place for a 'One-Stop-Designs'.

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